Tailored coaching programs from world’s top golf coaches

The Birdietime Tailored Coaching Program is an online golf improvement program by the world’s top golf coaches. The tailored 4-6 week program consists of selected video lessons, practice drills, workbooks and more to improve your game quickly and effectively. These programs have been exclusively designed for Birdietime by our coaching team.

Designed to match your skill level - whether you're an avid golfer or have just started!

Guaranteed results with “tour-proven” methods

Faster improvement by focusing on selected drills

Train as much or as little as you want - the program matches your schedule

Practice wherever you are - the program is always available

Like-minded Birdietime community to support your journey



*Coaching programs are only available to Birdietime.TV yearly and monthly subscribers. You must have an active subscription to participate/receive a coaching program. Free trial users will get week 1 of their chosen program and will receive the following weeks after their monthly/yearly payment is successfully taken.*

John, HCP 12

With Birdietime coaching program I really improved my game. Everything was clearly scheduled and instructed.

This is how it works

  • Sign up for Birdietime free trial
  • Build your learning profile
  • Receive a tailored coaching program
  • Receive a weekly coaching plan
  • Get support from the Birdietime coaching team
Robert Rock swings

This is what you get

  1. A player survey to map your skill level, interests and time commitment
  2. A tailored coaching program for 4 to 6 weeks
  3. Carefully chosen instructional videos for each week including drills and exercises
  4. Schedule and instructions on how to practice
  5. Workbooks and skill guides to support your learning process
  6. Surprise content from Birdietime coaches and players
  7. Weekly tips from our coaches
  8. Members only Facebook group

Tour-proven coaching programs

“We, Birdietime coaches, use these same lessons and drills with the Tour players and are now bringing the same “tour-proven”, effective methods to you. It does not mean that you need to be a Tour Player, the same exercises and drills will work for you just as effectively.

The program is tailored to your needs and schedule. Each week we concentrate on a few selected topics to keep you focused. This guarantees better learning results and helps you improve quicker.”

Hugh Marr
The PGA & European Tour Performance Coach


Birdietime is an Official Venture of the European Tour

9 world-class coaches

Have the best coaches in your pocket.

400+ video lessons

Number of videos growing all the time.

40+ exclusive classes

Coaching you from tee to green.


Ready to step up your game?