Mental Game - Part 1 Coaching Plan

Mental Game - Part 1 Coaching Plan

By Lee Crombleholme


This plan includes 13 exercises


This plan will help you to improve your mental game.

Your Mental Game Coaching Plan

Key Targets and Achievements

Improve your overall decision making and shot selection
Improve your mental resilience and learn how to manage your emotions better
Move closer to a mastery mindset
Raise your overall enjoyment levels
Learn how to handle pressurised situations and improve focus levels

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Your Mental Game Coach: Lee Crombleholme

“In this coaching program we are going to take a deeper look at the Mastery vs Ego Motivational Orientation survey. This survey is designed to help you understand the core reasons as to why you play golf.

There are two main motivations as to why we play sports. Being motivated by success, wealth, trophies and other materials comes under the “Ego” bracket. Whereas appreciating the love of the game, learning and improving yourself is in the “Mastery” bracket.

There are 23 main topics which are covered in this survey, with each topic presenting two extremes, one on the mastery side and one on the ego side. You are tasked with scoring yourself between 1-10 with 1 being completely Ego motivated and 10 being completely mastery motivated. The aim is to improve your thinking so you move closer to the Mastery side in each of the topics.“

Lee Crombleholme, PGA and European Tour Coach

Lee Crombleholme

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