Off-Season - 4-week Coaching Plan

Off-Season - 4-week Coaching Plan

By Casey, Rock and Goldup


This plan includes over 20 exercises and detailed instructions how to practice.


This plan includes warm up, range and swing drills and exercises that you can do at the range and home.

Off-Season: 4-week coaching plan

All of these drills and exercises are able to be performed at the range or at home.

Key Targets

Learn a selection of drills and exercises to be performed in the Off-Season
Learn Rob Goldup’s Simple warm up
Complete Paul Casey’s Practice Games
Learn and perform Paul Casey’s warmup routine
Find your swing thoughts
Understand the key points how to improve your swing

Your Off-Season Coach: Paul Casey

“Practice structure has been something I’ve been able to refine over the course of my career. And it’s a pleasure to be able to share some of my tips on how to make your practice more efficient. I’ve been able to find a structure which works for me and it won’t take long for you to find a format that suits your own game."

Paul Casey, PGA Tour and European Tour player.

Paul Casey

Your Off-Season Coach: Robert Rock

Robert Rock is a progressive and intuitive golf professional from England. A contemporary of his fans and peers, Robert is multiple winner on the men’s European Tour with a world renowned classical golf swing.

Robert Rock

Your Off-Season Coach: Rob Goldup

“For some of you the topic of physical preparation may be a new and potentially daunting challenge. But don’t fear, a great warm up does not need to be complicated. I create physical programmes for golfers of all abilities and I’m going to share some of the content with you for your off season programme. If you’re a golfer who already has a physical warm up, then our goal will be to make it more time efficient and with better structure you’ll be able to tune in and learn how your body moves within your own golf swing.”

Rob Goldup, European and PGA Tour physical and performance coach.

Rob Goldup


  • Casey & Goldup

    1. Learn and perform Paul Casey’s warm up routine

    2. Learn Rob Goldup’s Simple warm up

  • Casey & Goldup

    1. Learn a selection of new practice games to use at the driving range

    2. Continue to work on Rob Goldups warm up and begin to learn it without guidance

  • Robert Rock

    1. How to successfully take the club away

    2. The key checkpoints the club must pass through in the swing

    3. How to create solid impact repeatedly

  • Robert Rock

    1. How to generate power and consistency

    2. Learn the importance of lag

This is how it works

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Robert Rock swings

This is what you get

  1. A tailored coaching plan for 4 weeks
  2. Carefully chosen instructional videos for each week including drills and exercises
  3. Schedule and instructions on how to practice
  4. Workbooks and skill guides to support your learning process
  5. Weekly tips from our coaches
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