Practice at Home - Golf Fitness and Body Movement

Practice at Home - Golf Fitness and Body Movement

By Dr. Mark Bull and Rob Goldup


This plan includes 50+ exercises


This plan includes exclusive golf fitness and body movement exercises and drills that you can do at home.

Practice at Home - Your Golf Fitness and Body Movement Coaching Plan

Key Targets

How to utilise your pelvis movement can positively impact distance
Understand how the spine works in the golf swing
Understand how you can improve your body movement in the golf swing
Increase maximum speed of your body movement
Increase range of movement in your upper and lower body

Key Achievements

Have a greater range of movement in the pelvis
Feel better club head speed and control through your golf swing
Gain a wider range of movement in the hips and torso
Understand the importance and impact of physical training and exercise on the golf swing

Your Golf Fitness and Body Movement Coach: Dr. Mark Bull

“We all know that the faster club head speed you have the further you hit the ball. But, did you know that the actual club head speed is determined of the force applied to the handle, length of hand path and angular torque?

Many areas influence club head speed such as the forces applied to the handle, 3D length of hand path and angular torques. Therefore what movements can we do in the swing that influence and improve these areas. I have designed my coaching program to help you to understand the key factors on how to create more club head speed and what kind of exercises you should do in order to gain more distance.

Enjoy and give us feedback.“

Dr. Mark Bull, PGA & European Tour Coach

Dr. Mark Bull

Your Golf Fitness and Body Movement Coach: Rob Goldup

“Speed is a crucial component of power so the more speed we can create in the golf swing, the further you are able to hit the ball. These exercises are used by Tour players to help them develop their speed but the exercises are valuable for anyone looking to increase distance.

It would be best to practice these drills as much as you can, so you can maximise the benefits and the effects of them. These exercises are all designed for golfers, so the benefits you get are tailored for adding speed into the golf swing. Once you have mastered these drills, the next step is for you to work on building your strength in a gym environment.”

Rob Goldup, European and PGA Tour physical and performance coach.

Rob Goldup


  • Dr. Mark Bull

    Rob Goldup

    1. Gain More Distance with better body movement

    2. Speed drills and exercices

  • Dr. Mark Bull

    Rob Goldup

    1. Utilise the spine to gain more rotation

    2. Maximise your body turn to increase power

    3. Warm-up the upper body

    4. Create internal and external rotation in the hips

  • Dr. Mark Bull

    Rob Goldup

    1. Correct any poor movements

    2. Exercises to help you stay pain free

    3. uUtilise pull and push patterns

    4. Add rotation through the upper body

  • Rob Goldup

    Exact same warm-up as Ryder Cup winner Fransesco Molinari. Routines that are designed to have varying difficulty levels, which make them suitable for all ages and abilities

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Robert Rock swings

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