Short game program

Short game program

by Paul Casey, Hugh Marr and Robert Rock


This program includes 8-12 videos, 8-12 workbooks and instructions how to practice.


ImproveBirdietime creates a tailored program to fit your skill and time you invest in practicing.


What do you get in this program?

1. Tour-proven lessons and drills
2. Access to workbooks and skill guides
3. Easy to follow schedule
4. Access to member-only content
5. Access Birdietime closed social group
6. Weekly training tips and hints
7. Surveys after each week to measure your progress

Key Targets

8. Learn the basics for a neutral and efficient chip shot
9. Achieve and understand the key requirements for getting perfect impact
10. Acquire a selection of drills to help you practice all aspects of chipping
11. Learn what is the correct way to practice certain area of the game


12. Be able to hit 6/10 balls close to a target 10, 20 and 30 yards away
13. Finish the “Fill the basket” drill within 60 balls
14. Be able to hit a variety of ball flights consistently and with control

Hugh Marr

A Fellow of the PGA, Hugh is one of the European Tour's leading Performance Coaches. Hugh Marr is widely regarded as one of the world's leading professional golf coaches, with his players having achieved numerous wins on both the USPGA Tour, European PGA Tour and European Challenge Tours.

Hugh works with Ryder Cup player Thorbjørn Olesen, European Tour winners Lucas Bjerregaard, Andrew “Beef” Johnston, Scott Jamieson and several other tour players.

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Ryder cup winner

Paul Casey is a multi-tournament and Ryder Cup winner who has played for over 18 years at the highest level.

Having rejoined Team Europe's 2018 Ryder Cup team after being in 3 consecutive teams between 2004 and 2008, Paul Casey has now lifted the Ryder Cup 3 times. His biggest European Tour achievement to date, was his win at the BMW PGA Championship in 2009. Another career highlight, was his 5th place finish in the FedEx Cup in 2016 having had a successful run on the PGA Tour in 2015. Casey has now won a total of 14 times on the European Tour after his victory at the Porsche European Open in 2019.

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Robert Rock

Robert Rock is a progressive and intuitive golf professional from England. A contemporary of his fans and peers, Robert is multiple winner on the men’s European Tour with a world renowned classical golf swing.

Robert is professional player himself but also coaches several other professional players like Matt Wallace and Nino Bertasio.

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John Doe, HCP 12

Forget YouTube and the never ending search for correct instructions. With Birdietime coaching program I really improved my game. Everything was clearly scheduled and instructed and I have everything that I need to improve my golf. On my laptop, mobile, customer support and even in printed materials. These coaching programs really work and improved my game a lot.

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