Your Free Short Game Coaching Plan

Your Free Short Game Coaching Plan

By Paul Casey, Robert Rock and Hugh Marr

Your Short Game Coaching Plan

Key Targets

Learn the basics for a neutral and efficient chip shot
Achieve and understand the key requirements for getting perfect impact
Acquire a selection of drills to help you practice all aspects of chipping
Learn what is the correct way to practice certain area of the game

Key Achievements

Be able to hit 7/10 balls close to a target 10, 20 and 30 yards away
Finish the “Fill the basket” drill within 60 balls
Be able to hit a variety of ball flights consistently and with control


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Your Short Game Coach: Paul Casey

“Practice structure has been something I’ve been able to refine over the course of my career. And it’s a pleasure to be able to share some of my tips on how to make your practice more efficient. I’ve been able to find a structure which works for me and it won’t take long for you to find a format that suits your own game.

Here’s to a great season!”

Paul Casey, PGA Tour and European Tour player.

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Your Short Game Coach: Hugh Marr

“We have tailored this coaching program based on your skill and commitment level. We, Birdietime coaches, are using the same lessons with our tour players. This does not mean that you need to be a tour player to benefit from these drills. These drills and exercises are perfect for every level of golfer, you just need to practice them.

We also highly recommend that you follow the schedule. Taking these lessons one step at a time will give you the best opportunity to learn and improve.

Enjoy and give us feedback.“

Hugh Marr, PGA and European Tour Coach, Birdietime Chief Golf Officer

Hugh Marr


  • Hugh Marr

    1. Achieve a neutral swing direction

    2. Improve your impact

    3. Start your chip shots in line with the target

  • Hugh Marr

    1. How to set up to the ball

    2. Neutral start position

    3. Use the correct body and club motion in a chip shot

  • Paul Casey

    Robert Rock

    Hugh Marr

    1. How to approach a shot with an obstacle in between you and the target

    2. Improve your distance control

  • Paul Casey

    1. Find the chip shot you are most comfortable using

    2. Test a variety of pitch shots and learn how the ball behaves with each variation

This is how it works

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Robert Rock swings

This is what you get

  1. A tailored coaching plan for 4 weeks
  2. Carefully chosen instructional videos for each week including drills and exercises
  3. Schedule and instructions on how to practice
  4. Workbooks and skill guides to support your learning process
  5. Surprise content from Birdietime coaches and players
  6. Weekly tips from our coaches
  7. Members only Facebook group with LIVE coaching session

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