Paul Casey

Paul Casey

Practice games by Paul Casey


The class includes 7 lessons


This class shows a variety of practice games you can use on the range to make it more fun and practical

Try these fun practice games on the range

Going to the range can be a fairly dull experience once you have been there for a few minutes. With this class, you will have a selection of games which will not only give you feedback about certain shot types but also give you an aim for your practice.

This class is designed to help you focus your practice on the range and add some more substance to your practice. Instead of mindlessly hitting golf balls without an objective, try some of these games used by tour players to hone your skills and make you a better player.

After this class, you will know:

How to measure and practice different shot shapes at the range
How to practice certain golf holes and why that's important
A great way to practice driving off the tee
A great game to help you practice hitting your wedges a specific distance
Some great tips and hints to give you a new focus whilst on the range

This class includes 7 instructional videos which aims to give you more things to work on, whilst on the range.

Ryder cup winner

Paul Casey is a multi-tournament and Ryder Cup winner who has played for over 18 years at the highest level.

Having rejoined Team Europe's 2018 Ryder Cup team after being in 3 consecutive teams between 2004 and 2008, Paul Casey has now lifted the Ryder Cup 3 times. His biggest European Tour achievement to date, was his win at the BMW PGA Championship in 2009. Another career highlight, was his 5th place finish in the FedEx Cup in 2016 having had a successful run on the PGA Tour in 2015. Casey has now won a total of 14 times on the European Tour after his victory at the Porsche European Open in 2019.

Watch the interview of Paul Casey


  • Paul Casey

    Class Introduction

    Learn some of the practice games tour players use to make the range more enjoyable and practical.

  • Paul Casey

    Coach Introduction

    A fascinating interview with Ryder cup and multi-tournament winner Paul Casey conducted by his coach Peter Kostis.

  • Paul Casey

    Nine ball drill

    9 different shots with 9 different balls, how well can you do?.

  • Paul Casey

    Play the course on the range

    Have a hole that you find hard on your local course? Try and visualise it and use this practice method.

  • Paul Casey

    Ten ball drill

    If you want to work on hitting fairways off the tee, then try this great game.

  • Paul Casey

    Compete against yourself

    It's important to set your won standards and try to match/beat them where possible..

  • Paul Casey

    Using statistics and data

    Try using some data to make your practice session even more worthwhile and effective.

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