Lee Crombleholme

Lee Crombleholme

Winning mindset in golf


This class includes 18 instructional videos and loads of practice drills to support your training


Develop a postive, winning mindset to help your golf

Develop the mindset of a winner

How many times have you been been annoyed or frustrated due to a poor shot or some bad luck? That frustration can have a serious detrimental effect on your golf for the rest of the round, so it's important to learn how to manage your emotions.

This class focuses on developing a strong, positive mental attitude, which will have a huge effect on your golf and enjoyment levels. The key objectives of this class are to build confidence, resilience and how to manage stress. These lessons are suitable for all skill levels and will have a direct benefit on your game.

After this class, you will know:

A coping mechanism for dealing with stress
How to plan a sufficient strategy for each hole
How to mentally prepare before a round
How to set achievable goals and targets
How to choose an appropriate tee shot

This class include 18 instructional videos and a deeper look into the psychological side of the game.

Lee Crombleholme

Lee Crombleholme is a HCPC Registered Sport Psychologist who has worked on the European and PGA Tours since 2006. So far his clients have won 15 times on the European Tour.

He works effectively on areas such as self confidence, focus, motivation and dealing with pressure.

Watch the interview of Lee Crombleholme


  • Lee Crombleholme

    Class Introduction

    Lee introduces this brilliant class about developing a winning mindset when you are on the golf course

  • Lee Crombleholme

    Coach Introduction

    A brilliant interview with Sports Psychologist Lee Crombleholme about his experiences and how he got into golf.

  • Lee Crombleholme

    Pre-shot routine (Technical thoughts or thinking freely)

    Learn the best way to adapt your thinking during your pre-shot routine. Lee shows how elite sportsmen and women can free their mind of any technical thoughts and issues.

  • Lee Crombleholme

    Rehearsal swing (Technical or casual)

    What should you be doing in your rehearsal swings to give you the best chance of executing a better golf shot?

  • Lee Crombleholme

    Towards goals vs avoidance thoughts

    Learn how to change your thinking from avoidance to a more goal-orientated approach.

  • Lee Crombleholme

    A simple but effective pre-shot routine

    A perfect example of how to construct a repeatable and effecitve pre-shot routine which will ultimately help you play better golf.

  • Lee Crombleholme

    An anxiety inducing shot

    Do you find yourself feeling anxious before hitting a certain shot, or even playing a certain hole? Lee explains how he helped a European Tour player to overcome their anxiety with this simple yet brilliant concept.

  • Lee Crombleholme

    Tee shot decisions (Par 4)

    Choose a club which gives you confidence and learn to assess dangers you could be faced with on a par 4.

  • Lee Crombleholme

    Tee shot decisions (Par 3)

    Learn how to assess your options on a par 3 and give yourself the best chance to make par or better.

  • Lee Crombleholme

    Reacting to poor shots

    Are you someone who finds themselves getting overly frustrated after hitting a bad shot? Lee gives you a great way to help manage your anger and focus on your next shot.

  • Lee Crombleholme

    Assessing the lie

    Landing in a divot or ending up with a terrible lie after a good shot can be hugely problematic for many golfers. How can you shift your mindset from a negative one to a problem solving one?

  • Lee Crombleholme


    Give yourself the best opportunity to get up-and-down from around the green by making the best decision.

  • Lee Crombleholme

    Mental routine (For a chip-shot)

    A great example of a pre-shot routine for a chip-shot which helps you maintain a positive mindset.

  • Lee Crombleholme

    The read

    Learn to read breaking putts better with these simple techniques.

  • Lee Crombleholme

    Putting: Mental pre-shot routine

    Use these techniques to develop a great pre-shot routine before hitting any putt.

  • Lee Crombleholme

    Pre-round mindset

    Learn how to set yourself some achievable and controllable goals before the start of a round.

  • Lee Crombleholme

    Switch off triggers

    Do you need help to control your emotions after a bad shot or even a good shot? Try this simple technique next time you are on the course.

  • Lee Crombleholme

    Post-round mindset

    Leave the golf course with a positive mindset and assess how to improve your game.

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