Rob Goldup

Rob Goldup



The class includes 8 lessons


This class provides a set of exercises which help to increase your speed.

Gain more speed by Rob Goldup

Speed is a fundamental component of power which leads to an increase in distance with all clubs. If you are looking to add distance to your shots then this class is the perfect place to start.

This class has been specifically created to increase speed in the golf swing. There are 8 separate exercises which can be done at home with extremely limited equipment. These lessons are suitable for all levels and ages, and are performed by PGA and European Tour Professionals around the world.

After this class, you will know:

How to generate speed through the lower body
How to add speed and extension through the hips
How to generate more speed through the upper body
How to practice rhythm and timing
How to add more stability to your stance

This class includes 8 instructional videos which aims to build on many physiological aspects of your game.

Rob Goldup

Instrumental in preparing Francesco Molinari for his Ryder Cup winning performance in 2018.

Rob is a key member of the team that helped guide Open Champion, Francesco Molinari on his journey to multiple victories during 2018. Rob also coaches other tour winners, such as Thorbjørn Olesen and Oliver Fisher.

Working with Birdietime he has put together a selection of classes for all golfers to enjoy and benefit from. Whether you are a young beginner or an experienced professional, Rob Goldup has something to offer you.

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  • Rob Goldup

    Class Introduction

    The aim of this class is to add more speed into your golf swing. Speed is a key component of power, so this will certainly help improve your distance with all clubs

  • Rob Goldup

    Coach introduction

    Gain an insight into fitness and performance coach Rob Goldup, with this fantastic in-depth interview

  • Rob Goldup

    Counter movement jump

    This exercise is really easy to perform at home and builds on the Squat Pattern from the Fundamental movement series

  • Rob Goldup

    Dynamic lunge

    This exercise focuses on your legs and hips to help create more speed through your lower body

  • Rob Goldup

    Rotation to push pattern

    Rob shows why this exercise is brilliant for building speed and is easy to perform at home

  • Rob Goldup

    Medicine ball slam

    Work your full body with this fantastic exercise involving just a medicine ball

  • Rob Goldup

    Hip trust

    Add speed and hip extension to your golf swing with ease

  • Rob Goldup

    Latteral skaters

    A brilliant way to replicate the body movement in the golf swing and slowly build power, speed and rhythmn

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