Peter Kostis

Peter Kostis

Six steps to learning, maintaining and improving your swing


The class includes 8 lessons and lots of drills


This class is designed to help you develop and maintain a good, solid swing

6 rules to help your swing

Peter Kostis, One of modern golf's most popular coaches has teamed up with Birdietime. Peter is here to help you develop and maintain a good, solid golf swing which will have minimal faults. He believes that by following these 6 rules, every golfer can benefit no matter the skill level.

This class is designed to help model your swing around 6 fundamental rules which will help you to be more consistent. These drills are best performed at a driving range but Peter Kostis is a firm believer that you should understand the concept of the lesson first before trying to execute.

After this class, you will know:

The basic principles of why a strong grip is important before using a weak grip
Why you should have the ball further back in your stance than forward
The reason why you should work on your short swing first
How keeping your feet together will help you with your body movement and ball striking
A great way to generate more power using the left heel

This class includes 8 instructional videos to help strengthen your game

World class coach

Peter Kostis is one of golfs leading and most respected coaches, whilst also holding the position of golf analyst on CBS.

One of the most popular golf coaches in the modern game, Peter Kostis has built his reputation through decades of coaching top players and helping some on their way to major championships. With his unique charismatic approach to golf coaching, Peter is perfect for instructing infront of a camera and he really does a great job of making golf fun for all levels.

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  • Peter Kostis

    Class Introduction

    Peter explains his 6 rules which he applies to all golfers, which he believes will help you create a near perfect swing.

  • Peter Kostis

    Coach Introduction

    Learn more about one of golf's most popular coaches, Peter Kostis and how he will help you become a better golfer.

  • Peter Kostis

    Rule 1 - Stronger Grip Before Weaker Grip

    One of the most important aspects of a golf swing is the grip. Check out rule number 1.

  • Peter Kostis

    Rule 2 - Choke Down On Grip Before You Grip At The End

    Had a really good round the day before but then just can't getting working again? Try this next time and see if it helps.

  • Peter Kostis

    Rule 3 - Ball Back in Stance Before Moving it Forward

    Having the wrong concept about ball striking will cause major issues for you. Try using this drill to gain better ball striking.

  • Peter Kostis

    Rule 4 - Mini/Slow Swing Before Full/Fast Swing Success

    Learn to eliminate all your erros in a shorter swing, before starting to tackle a full swing.

  • Peter Kostis

    Rule 5 - Feet Together Before Feet Apart

    Need help to achieve good body movement? Give this a try before you go and play your next round.

  • Peter Kostis

    Rule 6 - Left Heel Up Before Left Heel Down

    Wanting to gain more distance using just your body? Peter shows how you can gain more rotation and power by using your lead heel correctly.

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