Robert Rock

Robert Rock

Overcome your struggles in short game


The class includes 8 lessons.


Enhance your short game and start your journey to lower scores

Enhance your short game

Improving your short game is one of the quickest routes to lower scores. Amateur golfers often throw away unnecessary shots by having poor concepts or technique. Robert Rock does an excellent job of helping you tackle some of the tough situations you can find yourself in, around the green.

This class will teach you the basic concepts of good ball striking when chipping and playing out of bunkers. You will also learn the correct way of executing shots from a variety of lies. This class is suitable for all players and can be practiced easily on any short-game practice area.

After this class, you will know:

How to create good impact when chipping from the rough
How to create good impact when chipping from the fairway
The correct setup for getting out of bunkers
How to approach different lies in a bunker
How your wrists can impact your chip shots

This class includes 8 instructional videos and loads of practice drills to support your training.

Robert Rock

Robert Rock is a progressive and intuitive golf professional from England. A contemporary of his fans and peers, Robert is multiple winner on the men’s European Tour with a world renowned classical golf swing.

Robert is professional player himself but also coaches several other professional players like Matt Wallace and Nino Bertasio.

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  • Robert Rock

    Class Introduction

    Lesson description coming soon.

  • Robert Rock

    Coach Introduction

    An in-depth interview with Robert Rock about his successes as a player and his love for coaching.

  • Robert Rock

    Reducing Wrist Action In Chipping

    Should you use your wrists when chipping? Robert Rock explains how your wrists impact your chip shots from various lies.

  • Robert Rock

    Fine Tuning Your Wrist Action

    Robert explains how best to utilise your wrists when chipping and some of the core fundamentals all great chippers follow.

  • Robert Rock

    Choosing The Right Chip Shot

    How should you approach a tough chip over a bunker? Robert talks you through all your options.

  • Robert Rock

    Bunker - normal lie

    If you are someone who struggles to get out of bunkers, Robert Rock has some great tips for you.

  • Robert Rock

    Bunker - uphill lie

    What is the best way to approach a bunker shot with an uphill lie? Watch and learn as Robert explains how best to tackle these tricky shots.

  • Robert Rock

    Bunker - downhill lie

    Robert Rock shows you the key to performing one of the hardest shots in golf.

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