Lee Crombleholme

Lee Crombleholme

Mastery versus ego


This class includes 24 instructional videos and loads of practice drills to support your training


If you are looking to build your self confidence and want the right attitude every time you step onto the golf course, this class is an absolute must.

Build your self confidence

What motivates you to go and play golf? Is it the possibility of becoming professional to earn lots of money, in order to buy nice things? Or are you someone who want's to learn and make themself better? If you want to build your self confidence and ultimately improve your golfing performance, you need to have a mastery mindiset rather than an ego driven mindset.

This class will help change your mindset from an ego motivated mindset to a mastery mindset. The idea behind this, is to learn how to block out any uncontrallable variables and stick to mastering the things which you can control. The result of this, is you will be much better with coping under pressure and you will become much more rational with your decision making on the golf course.

After this class, you will know:

What your underlying motivation is
Why having a mastery mindset is crucial to success at any level
How to cope better under pressure
How to stay focused on your game
How to play with more freedom and belief

This class includes 24 instructional videos and takes a deeper look into the psychology of golf which will greatly aid your game.

Lee Crombleholme

Lee Crombleholme is a HCPC Registered Sport Psychologist who has worked on the European and PGA Tours since 2006. So far his clients have won 15 times on the European Tour.

He works effectively on areas such as self confidence, focus, motivation and dealing with pressure.

Watch the interview of Lee Crombleholme

George, UK, handicap 12

"I had my previous golf lesson 25 years ago.
Now I have a lesson everyday."


  • Lee Crombleholme

    Class Introduction

    This class looks into the underlying reasons why you are motivated to play golf. Lee Crombleholme explains the main points you will take away from this class.

  • Lee Crombleholme

    Coach Introduction

    A brilliant interview with Sports Psychologist Lee Crombleholme about his experiences and how he got into golf.

  • Lee Crombleholme

    Playing for external reward

    If you are someone who focuses purely on the external rewards from playing golf (Money, fame, recognition etc) then try shifting your mindset to a mastery one.

  • Lee Crombleholme

    Judge yourself against others

    Play against your own standards rather than the standards of other golfers.

  • Lee Crombleholme

    competition as a comparison vs test

    Learn how to compete against the golf course instead of against other players.

  • Lee Crombleholme

    Poor shots lead to anger vs motivation to improve

    Help to stabalise your self confidence after hitting a poor shot with this change in mindset.

  • Lee Crombleholme

    Play against card vs play against yourself

    Playing against a scorecard can be a dangerous thing. How can you keep yourself grounded throughout a round?

  • Lee Crombleholme

    Crystal ball predictions vs winning score is irrelevantT

    Maintain your focus on the variables in golf which you can control to help get better results.

  • Lee Crombleholme

    Success vs practice boosts self esteem

    Manage your self-esteem by judging yourself against how hard you have practiced rather than a particular positive result.

  • Lee Crombleholme

    How is he/she more successful vs be the best i can be

    The next item on the Mastery vs Ego motivational orientation sheet explained expertly by Lee Crombleholme.

  • Lee Crombleholme

    Focus on the worst vs best aspect of a shot

    Can you take the positives away from a poor shot?

  • Lee Crombleholme

    Confidence linked to score vs processes and effort

    Here is why you cannot pin your confidence purely on the scores you make.

  • Lee Crombleholme

    Out of the present vs in the present

    What are the key benefits of being in the present vs out of the present?

  • Lee Crombleholme

    Obstacles viewed as threats vs challenges

    Turn your anxiety into a positive mindset to help overcome tough challenges you will undoubtedly face on the golf course.

  • Lee Crombleholme

    Score focus vs playing the course

    Each golf course offers up a different challenge, learn to understand these challenges and focus on playing the golf course.

  • Lee Crombleholme

    drop shots = chasing it vs part of the game

    Accepting that you will give away shots is not an easy concept to understand, but it will help you play better golf.

  • Lee Crombleholme

    Bogies = frustration or belief?

    Being optimistic about what scores you can potentially achieve in the coming holes can help create a positive mindset.

  • Lee Crombleholme

    Frustration at missed chances vs being patient

    Appreciate when you are playing well to help keep your feet on the ground.

  • Lee Crombleholme

    Emotions linked to score vs self managed

    Learning how to manage your emotions and accepting that bad shots are part of the game can go a long way to lowering yor scores.

  • Lee Crombleholme

    Reacting to bad luck vs accepting variables

    It is easy to feel cheated when we get a bit of bad luck, but understanding that luck goes both ways will make it feel better when it does happen.

  • Lee Crombleholme

    Fear of poor shots vs playing with freedom

    Having the perfect pre-shot routine can help you play with freedom and lesson anxiety.

  • Lee Crombleholme

    Busy mind vs quiet mind

    There is a lot of thinking time whilst playing golf. How can you keep yourself focused on the task at hand?

  • Lee Crombleholme

    Attention easily distracted vs staying focused

    Keep your focus as narrow as possible. How can you do that and how does that benefit you?

  • Lee Crombleholme

    Taking unnecessary risks vs being patient

    It happens so often that we go for glory in a situation where the percentages are completely against us. Learn to stay patient and reap the benefits at the end of the round.

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