Mark Bull

Mark Bull

How to avoid pain


The class includes 14 lessons


If you suffer from any aches or pains from playing golf, maybe Dr. Mark Bull has the answer for you.

Common moves that create pain - drills and reference to avoid pain by Mark Bull

There are many aches and pains which can be associated to playing golf. Whether it's back pain, neck pain or even wrist pain, there are a number of reasons why we gain injuries. Dr. Mark Bull has learned from years of case studies, that certain movements in golf can cause adverse effects on the body. This class will teach you what movements to avoid if you suffer from these injuries or even some movements you should try.

This class is designed to be performed anywhere, with very limited equipment and is suitable for everybody, regardless of age or ability. The aim of this class is to prolong your golfing experience and give you the ability to play whenever you want, not when your body allows.

After this class, you will know:

What movements commonly cause back pain/injuries
What movements commonly cause pain in your wrists
Which movements commonly cause pain the hips and legs
How to correct any poor movements
A selection of exercises to help you stay pain free

This class includes 14 videos and lots of exercises designed to prolong your golfing career.

Mark Bull

Mark has a PhD in Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Science and is also a fully qualified PGA coach.

His areas of research focus on the impact of anatomy, human movement and biofeedback on golf swing biomechanics and kinematics. Mark provides 3D motion capture, biomechanics and sport science services to a range of leading players and golfing organisations and has worked with over 75 European and PGA tour professionals, over 350 PGA coaches, multiple national programs including England Golf, Golf Australia, Wales Golf, Icelandic Golf, Scottish Golf Union, British PGA and numerous more. Mark is a keynote speaker who presents regularly to leading conferences and sporting organisations on biomechanics in golf and has appeared on SkySports Golf on several occasions.

Mark works with multiple leading coaches who’s players include Justin Rose, Patrick Reed, Lucas Bjerregaard, Thorbjorn Olesen, Jhonnatan Vegas and many more.

Watch the interview of Mark Bull


  • Mark Bull

    Class Introduction

    Are you someone who suffers from pain after playing golf? Dr. Mark Bull introduces this class which aims to prolong your golfing life by limiting or even removing the pain you get from playing golf.

  • Mark Bull

    Coach Introduction

    Watch this brilliant in-depth interview with Dr. Mark Bull about his role as a biomechanics expert for some of the worlds most elite golfers.

  • Mark Bull

    Left side lateral flexion in the backswing

    A common movement used in the backswing which can create major problems to the back and neck.

  • Mark Bull

    Ribcage elevation and extension in backswing

    How to avoid elevating your ribcage in the backswing which can cause spinal injuries.

  • Mark Bull

    Pelvis elevation in transition

    Help to relieve any compression in your trail side during the transition of the golf swing.

  • Mark Bull

    Pelvis movement at impact

    A great drill to help keep your pelvis level throughout the golf swing, especially the downswing.

  • Mark Bull

    Right shoulder in backswing

    Here are a set of references to help keep your shoulders neutral in the backswing.

  • Mark Bull

    Right shoulder in transition

    Try this test to see how your trail arm works in the transition phase of the backswing.

  • Mark Bull

    Right shoulder through impact

    Similar to the previous drill, this helps keep your trail arm the correct distance throughout the follow-through.

  • Mark Bull

    Preventing pain in the left (lead) shoulder

    A great drill to perform whilst pitching or chipping to help keep your lead arm, shoulder and wrist aligned.

  • Mark Bull

    Head movement at impact

    How should your head behave at impact and what problems can poor head movement create?

  • Mark Bull

    Wrist movement in the backswing

    Avoid excessive extension in the wrists during the backswing to help avoid any pain or injury.

  • Mark Bull

    Wrist pain during transition

    Avoid unnecessary flexion and extension in the wrists during the transition phase to help prevent serious injury.

  • Mark Bull

    Wrist movement through impact

    How should your wrists operate through impact? Dr. Mark Bull demonstrates how this should look for most golfers.

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