Rob Goldup

Rob Goldup

Fundamental moving pattern


The class includes 7 lessons


This class is designed to give you a variety of exercises which will enhance every major muscle used in the golf swing.

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Fundamental moving patterns by Rob Goldup

Rob Goldup has developed a series of exercises which are designed to help create more movement in the body. The class will focus on most of the core muscles in the body and will slowly build up your range of movement over time. This can be extremely beneficial to the golf swing, especially for helping add rotation and transferral of weight.

This class will certainly improve your range of movement and flexibility, which will help add more distance and enhance rhythm in the golf swing. These exercises are suitable for all ages and abilities and can be performed at home, with very limited equipment.

After this class, you will know:

How to utilise a push pattern
How to utilise a pull pattern
How to execute a correct deadlift pattern
How to add rotation through the upper body
How to add power by working the lower body

This class includes 7 instructional videos which aims to build on many physiological aspects of your game.

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Rob Goldup

Mark has a PhD in Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Science and is also a fully qualified PGA coach.

His areas of research focus on the impact of anatomy, human movement and biofeedback on golf swing biomechanics and kinematics. Mark provides 3D motion capture, biomechanics and sport science services to a range of leading players and golfing organisations and has worked with over 75 European and PGA tour professionals, over 350 PGA coaches, multiple national programs including England Golf, Golf Australia, Wales Golf, Icelandic Golf, Scottish Golf Union, British PGA and numerous more. Mark is a keynote speaker who presents regularly to leading conferences and sporting organisations on biomechanics in golf and has appeared on SkySports Golf on several occasions.

Mark works with multiple leading coaches who’s players include Justin Rose, Patrick Reed, Lucas Bjerregaard, Thorbjorn Olesen, Jhonnatan Vegas and many more.

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  • Rob Goldup

    Coach introduction

    Gain an insight into fitness and performance coach Rob Goldup, with this fantastic in-depth interview

  • Rob Goldup

    Fundamental push pattern

    A push pattern is something we do everyday. Learn how to perfect this motion and apply it to your golf swing

  • Rob Goldup

    Fundamental pull pattern

    Increase your sphere of movement and learn to pull your body properly in the golf swing

  • Rob Goldup

    Bend and deadlift pattern

    Help to create more speed and power through your golf swing

  • Rob Goldup

    Lunge pattern

    Add more stability and balance in your golf swing with this great exercise

  • Rob Goldup

    Twist pattern

    Rob Goldup demonstrates how the Twist Pattern can add rotation and free up the body for a better golf swing

  • Rob Goldup


    A perfect exercise for creating speed and power through your lower body

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