Peter Kostis

Peter Kostis

Full swing drills for improved power and consistency


The class includes 14 lessons and lots of drills


This class is designed to help you be a little more consistent and give you the extra burst of power

Develop more power and consistency

If you are looking to add some distance to your game with a little bit more consistency, Peter Kostis has you covered. His unique training methods are not to be overlooked and are used by top players such as Paul Casey.

This class is designed to give you more power and consistency in your golf swing. The class is filled with great drills and exercises, which are both unique and fun. Peter believes all of these drills are perfect for every level of golfer, so give them a go!

After this class, you will know:

How to work on the correct launch angle off the tee with a driver
How to release the club head efficiently to give you more power and consistency
How to video your swing
How to work on sequencing and transition in the golf swing
A large selection of drills to help improve your power and quality of strike

This class includes 14 instructional videos packed with drills to help add power and consistency to your game

World class coach

Peter Kostis is one of golfs leading and most respected coaches, whilst also holding the position of golf analyst on CBS.

One of the most popular golf coaches in the modern game, Peter Kostis has built his reputation through decades of coaching top players and helping some on their way to major championships. With his unique charismatic approach to golf coaching, Peter is perfect for instructing infront of a camera and he really does a great job of making golf fun for all levels.

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  • Peter Kostis

    Class Introduction

    Peter Kostis introduces this excellent class which contains some really interesting drills and lessons to help you hit the ball further and improve your consistency.

  • Peter Kostis

    Coach Introduction

    Learn more about one of golf's most popular coaches, Peter Kostis and how he will help you become better golfers.

  • Peter Kostis

    Launch Angle

    This brilliant drill will help you create the perfect launch angle with your driver from the tee.

  • Peter Kostis

    Clubhead Release

    Learn how to release the club properly through impact to gain some extra yards.

  • Peter Kostis

    Combining The Left Side And The Right Side

    Build your consistency and efficiency in your golf swing with this incredibly genius drill.

  • Peter Kostis

    Full Body Movement in Transition

    Try this great exercise for helping you transition properly in the golf swing.

  • Peter Kostis

    Practice Session Setup

    Would you like to practice just like a tour player? Peter Kostis shows some of the gadgets and drills Tour players are currently using which will help you undoubtedly.

  • Peter Kostis

    How To Video Your Swing

    Videoing your swing is a vital part of getting better. Peter explains the best way to do just that.

  • Peter Kostis

    How To Control Your Trajectory

    Want to have different ball flights with the same club? Try this simple adjustment and start controlling your ball flight.

  • Peter Kostis

    How To Coordinate Arm Swing and Body Turn

    Peter Kostis explains how to best coordinate your arms and body during the golf swing.

  • Peter Kostis

    Correct Use of Hands in the Golf Swing

    What role should your hands play in the golf swing?

  • Peter Kostis

    Medicine Ball Drills

    Try these quirky yet effective drills using a medicine ball.

  • Peter Kostis

    Correct Sequencing of the Golf Swing

    One of the biggest issues amateurs face is sequencing the golf swing. Learn how to sequence properly and you will see incredible benefits

  • Peter Kostis

    How To Release The Shaft Correctly

    Another quirky drill from Peter Kostis using a mattress or a mat which will help you make better impact.

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