Rob Goldup

Rob Goldup

Francesco Molinari Ryder Cup warm-up routines


The class includes 22 lessons


These are the exact exercises used by Francesco Molinari when preparing for the Ryder Cup in 2018.

Francesco Molinari Ryder Cup warm-up routines by Rob Goldup

Warm-up like a Ryder Cup winner

Warm-ups are often overlooked and not even considered as a fundamental part of any sport. But priming your body is a huge contributor to success, not only from a physiological standpoint but from a psychological one also. These warm-up routines are designed specifically for golf and can be perfomed easily at home with limited equipment. If you are serious about improving your golf, this is the perfect class for you.

This class follows the exact same warm-up as Ryder Cup winner Fransesco Molinari. Designed and demonstrated by Rob Goldup, these routines are perfect to prepare your body for the golf course. These routines are designed to have varying difficulty levels, which make them suitable for all ages and abilities.

This class includes 22 instructional videos which aims to build on many physiological aspects of your game.

Rob Goldup

Instrumental in preparing Francesco Molinari for his Ryder Cup winning performance in 2018.

Rob is a key member of the team that helped guide Open Champion, Francesco Molinari on his journey to multiple victories during 2018. Rob also coaches other tour winners, such as Thorbjørn Olesen and Oliver Fisher.

Working with Birdietime he has put together a selection of classes for all golfers to enjoy and benefit from. Whether you are a young beginner or an experienced professional, Rob Goldup has something to offer you.

Watch the interview of Rob Goldup


  • Rob Goldup

    Class Introduction

    A fantastic interview and introduction with Rob Goldup looking at the warm-up routines of Ryder Cup winner Francesco Molinari

  • Rob Goldup

    Coach introduction

    Gain insight into fitness and performance coach Rob Goldup, with this in-depth interview

  • Rob Goldup

    Rolling Patterns

    Rolling patterns are an excellent exercise to create controlled separation in a vertical pattern, allowing the rotary action of the body to warm up. Plus initiate potential swing/body sequences.

  • Rob Goldup

    Front and back spiral progressions

    This simple movement will aid extension, flexion and rotation which will prepare you perfectly for your golf swing

  • Rob Goldup

    Figure 4 glute stretch

    A simple exercise to calibrate your hip and glute muscles

  • Rob Goldup

    Spider mans / Worlds greates stretch

    Help create more movement throughout your body with this excellent warm-up exercise

  • Rob Goldup

    Bear crawl progressions

    Rob Goldup demonstrates how to help create mobility within your body with this great exercise

  • Rob Goldup

    Adductor mobility sequence

    A great exercise to warm-up your lower body, particularly your legs and hips

  • Rob Goldup

    Thigh stretch with rotation

    Ease away any stiffness in your thighs with this simple stretch

  • Rob Goldup

    Tall kneeling hip mobility sequence

    A full-body stretch designed to add rotation and mobility during the golf swing

  • Rob Goldup

    Integrated rotation sequence

    Calibrate your hips and spine to help give yourself feedback about your body

  • Rob Goldup

    The neck warm-up

    The neck is a very important muscle in golf. Rob explains why and how to stretch it properly

  • Rob Goldup

    Foot activation

    Create awareness in your ankles and the small muscles in your feet

  • Rob Goldup

    Glider Matrix

    The Glider Matrix will help add awareness and stability in your legs and hips

  • Rob Goldup

    Lunge matrix

    Activate your core and spine with this excellent yet simple exercise

  • Rob Goldup

    Shoulder warm up

    Rob takes you through a great demonstration of how to warm your shoulders up

  • Rob Goldup

    Banded walk series

    Increase awareness and stability in your legs and hips

  • Rob Goldup

    Integrated push and pull

    Help to release pressure in your back and begin to load your body with this dynamic exercise using a rubber band

  • Rob Goldup

    Single leg deadlift with single arm row

    Create stability in the arms and hips with this simple exercise

  • Rob Goldup

    Ankle reach to single leg deadlift

    This is designed to help shift your weight during the golf swing

  • Rob Goldup

    Backward step to aeroplane

    A more complex excersise to really help aid mobility in the hips and lower body

  • Rob Goldup

    Golf swings with band

    The perfect finale to your warmup as Rob demonstrates mirroring your swing with rubber bands

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