Hugh Marr

Hugh Marr



The class includes 10 lessons and lots of drills


Improve your club speed and add power to your swing

Increase your distance

Developing your swing speed will have a huge impact on the overall distance you can get with every club in the bag. But what is the best way to train for more speed? We have worked with Hugh Marr to deliver a class to not only help add more speed to your swing but also help you understand the important concept of "Lag".

This class will help you add more distance to your game whilst maintaining good balance and posture in the golf swing. All of the drills found in this class are used with Tour players, club players and juniors and will help create good rhythm and timing whilst also increasing distance.

After this class, you will know:

Whar are the key fundamentals of a good setup
How to choose the right equipment for you
How to create good, strong body movement in the golf swing
How your arms, body and club should interact within the golf swing
A selection of drills to practice and ultimately gain distance

This class include 10 instructional videos and loads of practice drills to support your training

Hugh Marr

A Fellow of the PGA, Hugh is one of the European Tour's leading Performance Coaches. Hugh Marr is widely regarded as one of the world's leading professional golf coaches, with his players having achieved numerous wins on both the USPGA Tour, European PGA Tour and European Challenge Tours.

Hugh works with Ryder Cup player Thorbjørn Olesen, European Tour winners Lucas Bjerregaard, Andrew “Beef” Johnston, Scott Jamieson and several other tour players.

Watch the interview of Hugh Marr


  • Hugh Marr

    Class Introduction

    Hugh outlines the key lessons you will learn from this series, which will help make you add distance to your game

  • Hugh Marr

    Coach Introduction

    An outstanding in-depth interview with Master PGA professional coach, Hugh Marr. Hugh Marr is widely regarded as one of the world's leading coaches.

  • Hugh Marr

    Choosing the right equipment

    Learn how to choose the right equipment to suit your needs

  • Hugh Marr

    A good setup position

    Understand how to address the ball in a balanced yet powerful manner

  • Hugh Marr

    Good body movement to increase speed

    Hugh demonstrates how good body movement should look and feel

  • Hugh Marr

    Good hand, arm and club behaviour

    Learn how your hands and arms should work in the golf swing to help promote good lag

  • Hugh Marr

    A drill to create good, powerful body movement

    The body is a key component in creating more speed. Learn how to use it correctly and enjoy the results

  • Hugh Marr

    A drill to help hand, arm and club behaviour

    Help perfect your hand, arm and club behaviour with this great drill

  • Hugh Marr

    A drill to feel and create more speed

    Hugh shows how we can increase our club head speed with this simple exercise

  • Hugh Marr

    Recommended practice session

    What should you do at the range? Try this recommended practice session to add more speed and distance

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