Bunker Play Coaching Plan

Bunker Play Coaching Plan

By Hugh Marr


This plan includes 13 exercises


This plan will help you to improve your bunker game.

Your Bunker Play Coaching Plan

Key Targets and Achievements

Understand club design
Understand club design
Understand how to swing the club efficiently for a bunker shot
Be able to control and adjust lofts from the bunker using the same club
Be able to control impact and distance
Understand how you can improve your body movement in the golf swing
Be able to control spin

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Your Bunker Play Coach: Hugh Marr

“In this personalised programme we are going to revisit and expand upon green side bunker play. We will outline key objectives throughout the programme and provide you with some practice progressions to ensure you maximise the quality of your bunker play.

We also highly recommend that you follow the schedule. Taking these lessons one step at a time will give you the best opportunity to learn and improve.

Enjoy and give us feedback.“

Hugh Marr, PGA and European Tour Coach, Birdietime Chief Golf Officer

Hugh Marr


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