Phil Kenyon

Phil Kenyon

Breaking Putts


The class includes 10 lessons and lots of drills


Breaking putts are daunting at first but this series will make them much much easier

Start putting like the pro's

Do you want to hole more of those tough breaking putts? Seeing a putt with lots of break can be a very daunting prospect for any player but it's time to put your mind at rest. Phil Kenyon, the worlds leading Putting Coach has designed a series centred around improving your success with breaking putts.

In this series you will learn how to read and predict break accuractely using a variety of techniques. Whether you are a low or high handicap player there is something for everyone. Phil shares some of the best secrets that the elite professionals use to make these putts much easier and less daunting!

After this class, you will know:

How to predict break methodically
The difference in break between uphill and downhill putts
The impact speed has on direction
How to line up putts from 10 feet and further
Whether you are a linear or non-linear player

This class includes 10 instructional videos and loads of practice drills to support your training

The #1 putting coach

Phil Kenyon is currently the most respected and sought-after putting coach in the world.

Phil Kenyon is currently the most respected and sought-after putting coach in the world. His clients include the likes of Justin Rose, Francesco Molinari, Gary Woodland, Tommy Fleetwood and Henrik Stenson. Travelling constantly with the PGA Tour and the European Tour, Phil doesn’t currently have time to offer private lessons.

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George, UK, handicap 12

"I had my previous golf lesson 25 years ago.
Now I have a lesson everyday."


  • Phil Kenyon

    Class Introduction

    This series is all about breaking putts and how you should approach them. Presented by Master PGA professional and putting expert Phil Kenyon, this series provides all the tools you need to tackle breaking putts and lower your scores.

  • Phil Kenyon

    Coach Introduction

    Phil is undoubtedly the number 1 putting coach in the world e.g. his past or present pupils comprised seven of the 12-man 2018 European Ryder Cup team.

  • Phil Kenyon

    Linear vs Non-linear

    When you are faced with a tough breaking putt where should you be looking? Does this impact the shot? Phil Kenyon explains how you should setup.

  • Phil Kenyon

    Determining your target strategy

    This video looks into the approach you should take with breaking putts especially in terms of visualizing the amount of break you are faced with.

  • Phil Kenyon

    How speed impacts direction

    Speed has a huge impact on the line you should take for breaking putts. Phil demonstrates the differences when choosing different speeds.

  • Phil Kenyon

    The impact of speed vs slope severity

    Being able to recognise how much speed is needed for breaking putts is vital. Phil Kenyon explains how the severity of a slope should change your outlook.

  • Phil Kenyon

    Uphill vs Downhill

    Ever wondered why the pro's are so fixated on having an uphill putt? See the huge differences in break of uphill vs downhill putts.

  • Phil Kenyon

    Short putt reading strategy

    A brilliant strategy to tackling short putts on shallow slopes. A definitite must watch.

  • Phil Kenyon

    Entry line read

    Are you someone who finds it very difficult to visualise the amount of break in a putt? This drill might just solve your problem.

  • Phil Kenyon

    Visualizing in real time

    Does a putt take longer or shorter when it's downhill? Phil Kenyon explains why so many players get this simple fact wrong and how that hurts their putting speed.

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