Peter Kostis

Peter Kostis

How to become a better putter by Peter Kostis


The class includes 7 lessons


Peter Kostis presents this 5 part putting class, which gives you the basic tools to become a better green reader and a better stroke maker

Read greens better and make more putts

Putting is such an important skill in golf and is often the difference between a good round and a bad one. Peter Kostis has designed this 5-part class to help you become better at reading greens and help you develop a better putting stroke.

This class is designed to give you the tools to read breaking putts and evaluate slopes. There is also lessons to help refine your putting stroke and give you a better concept of how the putter should work.

After this class, you will know:

How to work on your speed control
How to read complicated putts
How to develop a good, solid putting stroke
What a good concept of a putting is and how to keep the face square to an arc
A better understanding of putting concepts and ways to practice them

This class includes 7 instructional videos to help make you a more consistent putter

World class coach

Peter Kostis is one of golfs leading and most respected coaches, whilst also holding the position of golf analyst on CBS.

One of the most popular golf coaches in the modern game, Peter Kostis has built his reputation through decades of coaching top players and helping some on their way to major championships. With his unique charismatic approach to golf coaching, Peter is perfect for instructing infront of a camera and he really does a great job of making golf fun for all levels.

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  • Peter Kostis

    Class Introduction

    Peter Kostis introduces this new class which will help you develop better concepts of putting and improve your green reading.

  • Peter Kostis

    Coach Introduction

    Learn more about one of golf's most popular coaches, Peter Kostis and how he will help you become better golfers.

  • Peter Kostis

    Speed control

    Putting starts with speed control and ends with speed control, everything in between doesn't matter if you don't control your speed.

  • Peter Kostis

    How to read complicated putts

    Turn a complicated 40 foot putt into a simple, 8 foot straight putt with this technique used by tour professionals

  • Peter Kostis

    Putting stroke basics

    Learn how your arms should work in the putting stroke and why some of you make a critical mistake

  • Peter Kostis

    Keep the putter face square to the arc

    See why the putting stroke needs to have an arc with this excellent demonstration.

  • Peter Kostis

    Matching stroke concept to green speed

    Try this quirky drill to help you develop good shoulder turn in the putting stroke.

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