Get Your Swing Analyzed

The most efficient way to get personalised feedback from a professional golf coach is to shoot a swing video with your mobile phone and get it analyzed by our Birdietime coaching team of certified PGA Pros.



See how to video your swing below.

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How to Video Your Swing

One of the most requested features by any golfer is to have their swing analyzed. With Birdietime’s new Swing analysis service, you can get your swing analysed by a top PGA professional with a click of a button. 

So our coaches can give you the best advice, we recommend following these simple steps to ensure they can see your swing properly.

  1. Take a video from face-on (directly opposite the player) as this allows us to see many of the simple set-up faults such as: grip, weight distribution and body alignment.

  2. Take a video from behind the player (down-the-line) at about waist height. Please stand far enough back so that the coaches can see your feet and your chest in the same shot. We want to see the full swing in the video.